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Creative Corsetry
My name is Emma of Creative Corsetry and I make custom made to measure corsets. In the future you will be able to order corsets directly from the website http://creativecorsetry.com.au but until then I hope you will enjoy looking at some pictures of the work I have to share with you.

underbust corsets
I have two new corsets today. The first is a red silk dupioni underbust corset and the second is a gold and purple silk dupioni underbust corset. Many thanks to Ms R who, as always, looks wonderful in her new corsets.

Red and Green corset
I would like to share another corset with you. This one is a red and green dupioni silk overbust Victorian style corset. Ms R looks fantastic in her new corset!

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blue/green and gold corset

I wanted to share some photos of a blue/green and gold shot with purple silk dupioni silk corset. This particular silk is quite slubby and I thought it would be an interesting effect to have the grain running vertically unfortunately this led to more wrinkling than I like so I doubt I will repeat the experiment! Despite this it turned out quite well. The colours suit her very well and she looks fantastic. Thanks as always to Ms R. for modelling.

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